Tuesday 24 December 2013

State Dissolution Through The Binary Principles

http://www.touchstonecommittee75.novaewebs.com/right_to_legal_counsel.htmlThere is no equity balance in life. All events arise through the chaos principles. Survival through propagation is at the core of humanity's quest. And the moral ethic of good stewardship exists only through myth.
Such is the fate of mankind as we continue to develop integral links within our brain synapses; wherein logic, compassion and instinct enter into a conspiracy of mutual interests. Until such time all events will be generated through historical the hierarchical pyramids of commerce and trade; military might; and, spiritual dominance.

It is the agenda of the Earth-1 Medicine Wheel XXII to create the dialogue round table through this XXI Century; during which time there will be developed the Founding Conference of the Elitists and the Stewards [FCES]. And, within this FCES there will evolve a global citizenry consensus to develop Earth's resource potentials for interstellar migration without devastating the eco-balance of Gaia.